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London Stansted Airport is an international airport located at Stansted Mountfitchet in the district of Uttlesford in Essex, 42 mi (68 km) northeast of Central London.

London Stansted serves 200 destinations across Europe, the Middle East and Africa. Stansted is a base for a number of major European low-cost carriers, being the largest base for low-cost airline Ryanair, with over 130 destinations served by the airline. In 2015, it was the fourth busiest airport in the United Kingdom after Heathrow, Gatwick and Manchester. Stansted's runway is also used by private companies such as the Harrods Aviation, Titan Airways and XJet terminals which are private ground handlers who are able to handle private flights, charter flights and state visits.

One angry customer shared this in a review "Stansted Airport is a disgrace! Have been trying to book long stay or Jet parks, all sites keep redirecting to short stay parking at extortionate prices, in fact four times the cost of flight ticket. Customer service just hang up and if you do talk to a third party representative they blame bus transfers. All other buses in the country can go though. To all foreign travellers I would advise you to go elsewhere, this airport is a disgrace, and its security staff the rudest and laziest I have encountered anywhere."


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Honest Reviewer says

"Despite the airport being empty when our flight arrived and the Stansted airport website saying that they are taking extra Covid safety measures including parking all aircraft at the terminal building separate from others and minimising the use of buses they ignored this. Instead we were parked at an outer location and herded onto a bus, the people tried to keep their distance but the airport staff kept telling more and more people to get on and for us to move along the bus allowing for no distancing. Why didn't they park us at a terminal stand or put on more buses. Ok so everyone had been on the same plane but we were now squashed up to people who hadn't been sitting anywhere near us, makes a mockery of the government passenger locator forms you need to complete for track and trace. When we got to passport control the airport was empty and I heard a member of staff say that there were only 2 flights due so there must have been lots of terminal building slots we could have used so we didn't need to be put at extra risk on the bus. Not very good planning and careless and irresponsible of the staff to squash us all up together."

Austine says

"I parked my car at the airport because I was going to travel for just one day, and while waiting at the bus terminal to be picked up, the bus driverdrove by and as I was waving him to stop he simply ignored me and drove further to the next bus stop to pick other passengers. I was of course startled by his neglect of my waving and immediately the next bus stopped by to ask why the first bus didn't stop for me and he called out on the bus driver to stop (it was his last ride) while I ran over to catch up. When I caught up with him and asked why he didn't pick me up, he simply looked at me very strange, turned away and said he didn't see me, at that point it became clear that he could not stop for me because of the colour of my skin. I reported the matter to the airport authority and they simply dismissed my complaint saying that they also have drivers of colour so it was not possible for a driver to racially discriminate against me, case closed. This is an airport that reminds me of that pain every time I have to travel though it, and remembering the shameless authorities they have in this park, shame on the authorities of this park for their negligence and racial discrimination."

Steve Deadman says

"When picking somebody up today... I was charged a flat fee of £10 to use the short stay car park. An astonishing price for being in the car park under 10 mins. It's certainly not value for money and I will avoid dropping or picking anybody up if I possibly can."

Danny Hutchins says

"Unbelievable - I emailed the customer service team to ask are they going to be doing Covid testing as I was considering travelling into Stansted! The reply came back on the 25th Nov and said “At this time, we do not offer covid 19 testing for passengers. Please check back with us at the beginning of next year for an update in relation to this during these forever changing times” So less than a week later they open a Covid testing unit in arrivals, clearly customer services could not even be bothered to look into this! Lazy and in effective I would give no stars if I could"

Kamila says

"!!! Minus hundreds of stars from me !!! This airport is the worst i ever experienced in my life! Avoid at any cost! The staff can't deal with people politely and the entire security process is just stressful and chaotic with shouting rude employees! I missed the flight thanks to my bag being held by security for entire 45 minutes! My bag was checked many times in different airports but Standsted made a Guinness record. They kept me at security control forever treating me and other travellers like cattle. There were other travellers not just me who missed the flight due to their incompetency. They honestly couldn't care less about your flight. Only my flight missed 9 people together so you can imagine they must have hundreds of people missing their flights daily due to faulty security controls! I am totally determined not to take any flight from this airport ever again! Avoid avoid avoid."

Tony says

"Parking Scammers Recently flew from Stanstead and used Valet parking, unfortunately we were brought back early from holiday by Jet2 due to Covid, Stanstead have refused to refund unused parking which is half the original fee but they are happy to charge you if you over stay, read the conditions before booking. Should have gone to Gatwick recently had to cancel there due to Covid but they were more than happy to refund the parking."

Andrew Watson says

"Stansted Airport is getting totally ridiculous. As well as the £5 "Fast Track" lane where you are supposed to pay for them to do what they are paid to do anyway, they have now hiked the drop-off charge up to £7! Complete rip-off!!"

Adrian K. says

"I used blue car park as I had some time to spare. According to the parking signs it should be 6minute walk to the terminal. Don't be fooled, it takes at least 15mins and it's misleading information to get you into this money making scam. When I complained about their deficient ticketing system (showing wrong timings) or asked if they tried to actually walk the distance, i didn't get any sensible response. Don't waste your time."

David Bell says

"Like others have said, this airport is one of the worst. If you can, use Gatwick instead. All the Car Parks have been built far, far away from the terminal often for no apparent good reason. This is really stupid. Don't assume the Short Term CP is nearby as it isn't. There is a gigantic multi-story CP nearer which is closed but lit. This airport doesn't care about it's customers. Also but not the fault of the airport, the Border Control auto gates on our return only had 25% working - why?"

Malcik Igor says

"Missed the flight only because I could find carpark.that Midstay closed , long stay closed. There is no sign saying that they are closed only way to learn this is to arrive at the gate."

Hana Sami says

"Horrible experience, horrible place, security staff are bullies and weirdos. Useless security supervisors Not family or kids friendly environment in fact very toxic Avoid at all cost"

Janet says

"One star is too much. This airport is full of bullies and horrible people especially going through security. They are rude, bullies, horrible and incompetent. The lady that searched me actually touched extremely sensitive areas. Unbelievable they treat people like dirt, backbite you if you show resilience.searched my 8 year old daughter without my or her permission and made her very scared and uncomfortable.where is the government and kids protective services from all of this. These people are actually abusing young children under the cover. Why would someone search a young girl on her own without waiting for her mummy to come through and be with her. I had to start screaming for them to stop and told them they must ask me permission before touching her. The man jumped and sad no we don’t .really!,,, I didn’t know my daughter was your property you useless people. They freaked her out poor little thing. Then I was getting all the horrible looks from the useless and sad weirdos in that team. I just stared back and requested private search. Supervisor was also useless and weird. Does actually anyone read these F****** reviews??? Seems like no one cares. We should all boycott this disgraceful airport"

Ian Blows says

"I wish to complain about the lack of appropriate signage for the car park charges. As a result I paid £8 for dropping a passenger off this morning. I had intended to use the mid stay free drop off but when I arrived this car park was closed with directions to the short stay car park. It was only when I arrived at the barrier of the short stay car park that the charges were prominently displayed. As this was a one way system, I had no choice other than to proceed into the car park and pay the £8 charge. I noted that other motorists were having the same issue. I feel that it is not reasonable to make this charge if there are no signs to display this charge before the point of no return. I was not in a position to make an informed choice. I do hold a residents discount card for the express drop off, but this system has not been in use for several months, which has led me to paying the full exit price each time I use it."

Sharon Grøn says

"One star is too much £5 for dropping someone off - daylight robbery Customer service hopeless, they never seem to be able answer anything. They just pass the buck. I asked if there was a problem with mobile reception as my brother always had trouble. Nothing to do with them, contact your mobile company. I asked if my brother who has an exception from wear a face mask, if he had to wear one or could he wear a visor instead. Nothing to do with them – suggested to look on government websites. Both questions took several days for them to answer. I asked the same question with the customer services at two airports in Denmark, and got a reply with the answer almost immediately Security – a member of security asked me something, I couldn't understand what he said, his accent was so bad. I had to ask him to repeat the question several times before I managed to understand him. How on earth foreigners could understand him I don't know. If there was another direct route from for me and my family to travel to see each other, I would go to another airport."

Faye Clark says

"Security here are unhelpful, rude and unprofessional, after asking very politely to passengers ahead of me who agreed and to the staff if we could push ahead as we were running late for the flight (due to Stanstead Airport M&G incompetence), one particular female staff member purposely avoided engaging with us, ignoring us then throwing her arms up in the air refusing to serve us!!! The manager didnt seem to understand what the fuss was about but let us get on our way with bag check. I don't usually complain but this team were inexcusably rude and helpful, that will be the first and last time I use Stanstead."

L.H. says

"Just spoken to my husband who was treated like absolute rubbish through security. His bag was almost thrown at him by security. Extremely rude. We have worked in the airline industry for combined for over 40 years. We both understand the process and reasons for what they do and so on. It's unforgivable these people are allowed to get away with it. We have not been to Stansted for years and we won't be bringing our business here ever again. Managers should you ever decide to look at reviews for once and actually listen, there are decent people here and you are not doing your job in stopping this kind of bully tactic. NO EXCUSES."

Chloe says

"If I could give no stars I would!! I completely understand you need to get people through security quickly. However, belittling people, shouting at people and being rude is not the right way to go about things. The airport security team was rushing people through to wait for their belongings, everyone was shoulder to shoulder. Where’s the social distancing..? I then got told to ‘move out the way’ so more people could come through. The security manager come out to speak to us, which may I add had a terrible attitude on him. Talking down and shouting - once again! There was no form of apology from any member of your staff for the way we had been treated. I use stansted airport 5+ times a year and this has completely put me off, I certainly will not be returning after encountering rude staff, no social distancing and a all round bad experience!"

Ms R.Babus says

"Airport management doesn't care about travellers and treat them as animals. For those of us, who have early morning flight, the only option is to spend night in the airport. No chairs, and people spend time sitting / laying down on the floor. Just recently (coincidentally, after my negative review on Google), Costa has started to work overnight. Almost all morning flights are to the former USSR countries - Latvia, Ukraine, Lithuania. Does it mean airport management demonstrate their racism towards us in this way?"

S Cristian says

"Early this year, my brother lost his flight due Stansted Airport rough practices. No it was not ''Corona virus'' For some reason the controls were very thigh. After a while my brother told the ''control guys'' that he will miss the flight..., as a result it was put the last in the line....Speechless... Therefore, the flight has been lost. This was not a singular situation. Around 10-15 people lost the plain as a result of the control delay. Some people were crying being away from home, away from an accommodation and maybe without any spare money. Luckily, my brother didn't have to sleep on the floor in the airport as I returned and picked him and his girlfriend up and drove them at my place in London. Second day we booked an extremely expensive flight from Gatwick but at least it was sorted. As a result, a day from work had been lost, excessive money had been spent and loads of unnecessary stress. Will I avoid using Stansted again-YES? Note: I don't understand why is called ''London'' Stansted Airport. Is nowhere near London. 90 minutes driving from SW London.!! Just avoid, if you can, and save yourself some pain and money. I don't expect any answers, from Stansted Airport, but maybe I can help someone to avoid the nuisance."

Emily says

"4 times through the airport in the last month and this is what ive found..warning covid related..they have spent loads on signs, painted foot prints and stickers however..loads walking around without masks or masks around their chins including airport staff making sure distance is kept around E gates and airlines making you wear masks on flight, not walk around or queue yet stansted happy to pile 3 flights on one shuttle bus to arrivals to the point people could no longer fit on then allow hurding through e gates...loos were nasty with wee all over the floor. BUT they did have hand sanitizer and on the way out had a few tannoy announcements about masks and left luggage AND their bus services are pretty hot on things atm 🤷‍♀️"

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